Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers

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Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers for Endless Water Fun 10/2023

Given the heat of summer, isn’t it time to think about how you’re going to cool off? Sure, there are plenty of fun activities like swimming or trips to the beach that your family can enjoy, but why not embrace your backyard this season and add some excitement with trampoline sprinklers!? This pleasure-inducing combination of bouncing on a trampoline and getting sprayed by a hose will create endless memories for both young and adults alike.

Who Said Sprinklers Had to Be Boring?

Let’s put the kibosh on the snooze-worthy spigot sprayers of old, shall we? Trampoline sprinklers are here to take the stage and bring the razzle-dazzle. Picture this: It’s a hot summer day. The sun is out in all its glory, and the mercury is soaring. You’re looking for a fantastic escape. Suddenly, your backyard turns into a splashy fun park with water spraying, kids laughing, and the trampoline bouncing.

Who needs the monotony of a sprinkler oscillating back and forth when you can have a water extravaganza in your backyard? Trampoline sprinklers are not only a great way to keep cool, but they also guarantee a full day of fun and giggles. All it takes is a little bit of set up, and you’re ready to dive into the excitement.

Ever watched your kids bounce with glee on a trampoline and thought, “Hmm, what’s missing here?” If your answer involves a sprinkler system that turns your average trampoline into a water-filled wonderland, then we’re on the same wavelength! So, let’s set sail on this journey of transforming your trampoline into a summer spectacle with a trampoline sprinkler system. Prepare to be the cool parent on the block!

Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers

10 Step Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

This is where our watery journey begins! You’ll need a trampoline sprinkler set (available online or in stores), zip ties for attachment, and a standard garden hose. Make sure to get a set that is appropriate for the size of your trampoline. Remember, the bigger the trampoline, the more fun-omental the water fun!

Step 2: Position Your Sprinkler Line

Next, position the sprinkler line around the outer edge of your trampoline. It’s best to align it with the top of the safety net to ensure a rain-like water shower. Ah, doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Step 3: Attach the Sprinkler Line to the Trampoline

Time to bring out those zip ties! Secure the sprinkler line to the trampoline using the ties, ensuring they are tight and secure. You wouldn’t want your sprinkler line flying off mid-bounce, would you?

Step 4: Ensure Even Distribution of Water

For the most amazingly splashy trampoline experience, ensure the sprinkler holes are pointed towards the trampoline. This will ensure an even distribution of water and maximum splashing!

Step 5: Connect the Hose

Connect your garden hose to the sprinkler line. Ensure it’s a secure connection to avoid any water wastage. After all, we’re about having fun and being environmentally conscious!

Step 6: Test Your Sprinkler System

Before you let your kids loose, make sure to test the system. Turn on the water and check for leaks or areas not getting enough water. You want that perfect shower of sprinkles!

Step 7: Adjust the Water Pressure

Remember, safety is paramount! Adjust the water pressure to ensure it’s gentle enough for your kids. Too much pressure might ruin the fun and lead to injuries. We want a splash, not a blast!

Step 8: Invite the Neighborhood

Now that your trampoline sprinkler is ready, it’s time to make some noise (and splashes!). Invite the neighborhood kids for a backyard water party. Let’s get this trampoline bouncing!

Step 9: Supervise

While the children are having a ball, remember to supervise. Ensure everyone is taking turns and playing safely. It’s a fun time, but safety should always stay put.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Finally, revel in the laughter and joy coming from your backyard. Please take a moment to enjoy the scene of kids having the time of their lives. Congrats! You’ve just turned your trampoline into a summer hub of endless fun!


Important Tips to Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

To ensure that your trampoline sprinkler adventure is both safe and enjoyable, there are several key points to keep in mind:

  1. Regular Checks and Maintenance

While we all love a good sprinkle-soaked bounce, checking your trampoline and sprinkler system regularly for any potential issues is crucial. Regular maintenance is key, from checking for wear and tear on the trampoline itself to inspecting the sprinkler system for any leaks. 

  1. Supervision is Key

No matter how safe your setup is, always ensure that an adult is present while the trampoline sprinkler is in use. Accidents can happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Hydrate!

We’re talking about water fun under the sun, which means it’s easy to forget to hydrate. Ensure you and the kids drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the heat.

  1. Slippery When Wet

Remember, trampolines can get slippery when wet. Everyone must be extra careful while bouncing and splashing to avoid slips and falls.

  1. Sunscreen is Always a Good Idea

While the sprinkler may keep you cool, it won’t protect you from harmful UV rays. Remember to slather on the sunscreen!

With these simple yet essential tips in mind, you’re all set to host the most epic and enjoyable trampoline sprinkler event of the summer. Remember, the goal is to have fun, but safety should be the key priority.

Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers

Creative Games and Activities with Trampoline Sprinklers

Let’s dive into the refreshing world of creative games and activities you can experience with your trampoline sprinklers. There’s more to this setup than simply bouncing and splashing, so unlock the fun potential with these creative ideas!

  1. Water Balloon Bounce

Turn your usual water balloon fight into an exhilarating bounce-off. Fill up a batch of water balloons, throw them onto the trampoline, and let the kids bounce around! The goal is to avoid bursting the balloons. The one who bursts the least balloons wins!

  1. Rainbow Sprinkles

Turn your trampoline sprinkler event into a vibrant color festival. You’ll need some non-toxic washable paint and a lot of white T-shirts. Mix the paint with some water and pour it into the sprinkler system. As the kids bounce on the trampoline, they’ll be showered with colorful water, creating a beautiful rainbow effect on their shirts. Remember to supervise and make sure the paint doesn’t get in their eyes.

  1. Slippery Soccer

Introduce a new twist to the game of soccer. Throw a softball on the trampoline and let two teams try to score goals against each other. The slippery surface makes the game more challenging and fun. Offer a cool prize to the winning team for some extra motivation.

  1. Dance and Bounce

Switch on the music and show the kids their best dance moves while bouncing on the trampoline. The added challenge of keeping balance while dancing will trigger peals of laughter and create unforgettable memories.

  1. Sprinkler Simon Says

Adapt the classic game of Simon Says for your trampoline sprinkler setup. The leader gives a command such as “Simon says do a star jump” and the rest have to perform the action while bouncing and splashing.

  1. Water Tag

Let the kids play a game of tag on the trampoline. The one who’s “It” has to tag the others while everybody else tries to dodge. The catch? They’re doing all this while trying to dodge the water from the sprinkler too!

Don’t rush; explore more ideas, and let your imagination run wild below

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Creative Ideas for Adding Fun and Excitement to Your Trampoline Sprinkler Setup

Sometimes, more than just the basics is needed. If you want to take your trampoline sprinkler experience up a notch, here are some creative ideas for adding an extra spark of fun and excitement:

Theme Days

Get the neighborhood in on the fun with a series of theme days! One day could be a “Pirate’s Paradise” complete with inflatable parrots and treasure chests. The next could be “Jungle Fever,” with tropical decorations and animal print bathing suits. The possibilities are endless, and the creativity will only add to the fun!

Water Games

Mix things up by incorporating water games into your trampoline sprinkler setup. Consider classics like “Duck, Duck, Splash” or “Marco Polo” to keep the kids entertained for hours. You could also invent your own trampoline-specific games like “Bounce and Splash,” where the goal is to create the biggest splash with each bounce.

DIY Waterslide

Ramp up the thrill factor by adding a DIY waterslide to your trampoline. Place a tarp on the trampoline, get it wet, and let the kids slide away! It’s an instant hit and an exciting twist to the usual trampoline fun.

Cold Treats

Cool down with some refreshing treats like popsicles, fruit kabobs, or homemade lemonade. Please set up a little stand near your trampoline so the kids can grab a snack whenever they need to recharge.

Install and Set Up Trampoline Sprinklers

Music and Dance-offs

Add a whole new layer of excitement by incorporating music and dance contests. Create a fun summer playlist and encourage the kids to show off their best dance moves on the trampoline. Who knows? You might have a future dance star in your backyard!

Nighttime Glow Party

Turn your trampoline sprinkler setup into a nighttime party with glow sticks and LED lights. As the sun sets, the party keeps going with a glow-in-the-dark trampoline adventure! Just remember to supervise and ensure everyone’s safety.

Add Some Lights

Who says the fun has to stop when the sun goes down? Adding waterproof LED lights to your trampoline can create a magical, lit-up evening splash party. Colored lights can make the water look amazing as it sprays out from the sprinkler. Just remember to use waterproof and safe lighting to avoid any electric hazards.

Theme It Up

Why not give your trampoline sprinkler session a theme? You could turn your backyard into a pirate’s paradise or a magical mermaid lagoon. Costumes, themed snacks, and appropriate music can dial up the fun factor.

Feel free to mix, match, and modify them as you see fit. The most important thing is that everyone is having fun and staying safe.

Goodbye Wet Hands – Clever Hacks for Keeping Things Clean

Talk about trampoline sprinkler fun; wet hands are a given. But don’t let that dampen your spirits or your day. Instead, arm yourself with these clever hacks that will help you keep things tidy and clean.

1) Quick-Drying Towels

Invest in some quick-drying microfiber towels. These aren’t just great for drying off hands quickly; they’re also super handy for mopping up any spills or water that’s made its way off the trampoline.

2) Waterproof Containers

Next, consider waterproof containers for storing snacks, drinks, or gadgets. This will ensure that any splash from the trampoline doesn’t ruin your picnic or damage your smartphone.

3) Hands-Free Hydration

Ever wanted to take a drink, but your hands were too wet? Now you can with a hands-free hydration pack! This handy device allows you to sip on your drink without needing to use your hands. It’s perfect for those hot summer days when you’re bouncing around in the sun.

4) Waterproof Camera

If you’re planning on capturing those unforgettable trampoline sprinkler moments, equip yourself with a waterproof camera. This way, you don’t have to worry about any water damage and can focus on capturing perfect shots.


5) Outdoor Hand Dryer

An outdoor hand dryer may sound extravagant, but it’s the perfect addition to your trampoline sprinkler setup. Not only does it help to keep hands dry, but it also reduces the chance of slips and falls on wet surfaces.

6) Storage Baskets

Finally, plastic storage baskets can be a lifesaver for keeping things organized and dry. Whether it’s towels, clothing, toys, or sunscreen, these baskets will ensure everything has a designated spot away from the splash zone.

By incorporating these hacks, you can say “Goodbye Wet Hands” and hello to a clean, organized, and enjoyable trampoline sprinkler event.

Maintenance Tips Trampoline Sprinkler

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure a long-lasting and safe trampoline sprinkler experience. Here are some important tips to keep the fun going and extend the life of your trampoline sprinkler.

  1. Check for Wear and Tear Regularly

One crucial aspect of maintaining your trampoline sprinkler is regularly checking for signs of wear and tear. Look out for any leaks in your sprinkler hose and any rips or tears in the trampoline mat. Also, make sure to inspect the springs and the frame for any signs of rust or damage. 

  1. Clean the Trampoline and Sprinkler

Another essential maintenance step is to keep the trampoline and sprinkler clean. After each use, make sure to wipe off any water or mud from the mat, frame, and sprinkler. This will prevent mold and mildew buildup, as well as potential rusting. 

  1. Store During Adverse Weather

Also, remember to store the sprinkler hose indoors during bad weather or when not in use for extended periods. This can help to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 

  1. Ensure Proper Water Pressure

Too much water pressure can stress the sprinkler, leading to leaks or breaks. Adjust your hose’s water pressure to a suitable level for your trampoline sprinkler. 

  1. Replace Damaged Parts

If you notice any damaged parts during your regular checks, replace them immediately to avoid accidents. Most trampolines and sprinklers come with replaceable parts, so this should be fine. 

You can ensure your trampoline sprinkler remains in top-notch condition, ready to provide endless fun throughout the summer season. Proper maintenance leads to a safer, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting trampoline sprinkler experience.



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