In Net vs Out Net Trampolines

(03/2024) In Net vs Out Net Trampolines – Which Type Should Be Chosen?

In Net vs Out Net Trampolines – Which Type Should Be Chosen?

Are you considering purchasing a trampoline for yourself or your family but can’t decide between an In Net vs Out Net Trampolines? Both models offer distinct benefits. However, they have different safety features and require different types of maintenance.

Here we explore the differences between both trampolines so that you can make an informed decision about which type should be chosen. Whether for recreational fun in your backyard or professional use at the training facility, this post has all the information to help you choose the perfect one!

In Net vs Out Net Trampolines

Pros and Cons of In Net Trampolines

Enhanced Safety with Enclosed Jumping Area

  • To ensure a safe jumping experience, backyard trampolines are equipped with safety enclosure nets.
  • These nets act as a protective barrier, preventing users from accidentally bouncing off the trampoline and falling onto the ground. This feature is particularly beneficial for younger children or those new to trampolining, as it adds an extra layer of safety.
  • The trampoline safety net effectively reduces the risk of trampoline injuries by creating a secure environment around the jumping surface.

Reduced Risk of Falling Off the Trampoline

  • The trampoline nets, also known as net enclosures, play a crucial role in minimizing the chances of users falling off while jumping.
  • They act as a safety barrier, ensuring that accidents caused by springs or other hazards are prevented. This provides parents and guardians with peace of mind, knowing that their kids are protected by the trampoline safety nets.
  • Trampoline nets are essential for preventing injuries on trampolines, significantly reducing the risk of emergency room visits.

Potential Limitation on Certain Tricks or Activities due to Netting

  • While enclosed trampolines prioritize safety and minimize injuries, it’s worth noting that they may restrict some advanced tricks or activities that require more space. This limitation becomes more pronounced when considering the size and age of the children using the trampoline.
  • Performing flips or other complex maneuvers within the enclosed area of a trampoline net may prove challenging and increase the risk of injuries. Additionally, the size of the trampoline net can affect the execution of certain moves.
  • However, this limitation can be overcome by opting for larger-sized enclosed trampolines. These trampolines are specifically designed to provide a safe and secure environment, reducing the risk of injuries. Parents should consider the size and safety features of the trampoline when making their purchase decision.

Need for Regular Maintenance and Inspection to Ensure Net Integrity

  • Regular maintenance is necessary for in-net trampolines to ensure continued safety and prevent injuries. This is especially important for kids, as their smaller size makes them more vulnerable to accidents.
  • Regularly inspecting the net’s integrity is essential to identify any tears or damage that may compromise its effectiveness, especially when it comes to kids who need a safe and secure environment.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged sections of the trampoline net promptly will maintain a secure jumping environment. It is important to address any damage to the trampoline net as soon as possible to ensure the safety of those using it. By promptly repairing or replacing damaged sections, you can prevent accidents and maintain a secure environment for jumping.

In Net vs Out Net Trampolines

Pros and Cons of Out Net Trampolines

Greater freedom of movement without enclosure restrictions

  • With net trampolines, jumpers have the freedom they need to move around the trampoline without any enclosure restrictions. This allows for a more open and unrestricted jumping experience.
  • Jumpers need to easily perform various tricks and maneuvers, as no poles or nets hinder their movements.

Possibility of falling off the trampoline if not careful

  • However, one major drawback of using outdoor net trampolines is the need for proper caution to prevent falling off.
  • Without a safety net or enclosure, jumpers need to be extra careful to avoid accidentally stepping or bouncing off the edge of the trampoline.

Suitable for advanced jumpers who need more space for tricks, this trampoline net is perfect.

  • Our net trampolines are perfect for advanced jumpers who need ample space to perform complex tricks and stunts.
  • The absence of a trampoline net enclosure allows them to have a larger area to showcase their skills and push their limits.

Additional precautions needed to prevent accidents without a safety net

  • It’s important to note that additional precautions must be taken to prevent accidents without a safety net.
  • Proper supervision, clear guidelines on safe jumping practices, and regular maintenance of the trampoline are essential in ensuring user safety.

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In Net vs Out Net Trampoline? Which Is Better?

It’s really difficult to determine which type is better because it depends on each person’s preferences:

Consideration of personal preferences and intended use

When deciding between an in-net and out-net trampoline, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and intended use. Think about how you plan to use the trampoline and what features are essential for your enjoyment.

Evaluation based on individual skill level, age, and experience

Another factor to consider is your individual skill level, age, and experience. Different net options may be more suitable depending on these factors. For example, older users or those with advanced jumping skills might prefer a higher net height.

Weighing safety concerns versus freedom of movement

Safety concerns should also be taken into account when choosing between in-net and out-net trampolines. While an in-net option provides added protection by keeping users within the enclosure, some individuals may prefer the freedom of movement offered by an out-net trampoline.

Making an informed decision by assessing pros and cons

To make an informed decision about purchasing a trampoline net, it’s crucial to assess the pros and cons of each option. Here are some points to consider when choosing a trampoline net.

In-net trampoline:

  • It provides a safer environment by preventing users from falling off with the help of a trampoline net.
  • Offers peace of mind for parents or guardians
  • Limits the risk of injuries caused by accidental falls

Out-net trampoline:

  • Allows for greater freedom of movement while jumping
  • It provides a more open and spacious feeling
  • May require additional safety precautions such as padded surroundings

By evaluating these factors, you can determine which type of trampoline best suits your needs.

Top Safety Features to Look for in Trampolines for Kids

For optimal safety, pay close attention to these important precautions, whether you’re inside or outside of the trampoline:

Protective Padding

Make sure the trampoline you select is equipped with padding that covers the springs, frame, and edges. This padding acts as a safeguard, reducing the risk of injury from accidental contact.

Sturdy Materials

Choose trampolines made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. These strong constructions will ensure your trampoline lasts longer and remains safe for play.

Reinforced Frames

Seek trampolines with strengthened frames. These additional supports provide extra stability and strength, minimizing the chances of accidents during vigorous jumping sessions.

Easy Access

Select a trampoline that features an easily accessible entry system with a secure closure mechanism. This feature enables children to enter and exit the trampoline safely and prevents unauthorized access when not in use.

These features, including a trampoline net, are essential for creating a secure and enjoyable playing area for your children.


Are in-net trampolines suitable for all age groups?

In-net, trampolines can be used by people of all age groups as long as they follow proper safety guidelines and are supervised when needed.

Can I use an out net trampoline indoors?

Out-net trampolines are typically designed for outdoor use due to their larger size and potential for higher jumps. It is recommended to use them in open spaces outdoors.

Can in-net trampolines be easily assembled?

Most in-net trampolines come with detailed instructions and can be assembled with the help of a few people. However, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe installation is always advisable.

Do our net trampolines require any additional safety measures?

While our net trampolines provide a more open experience, ensuring proper safety precautions such as padding on the edges and supervision when necessary is still important.

Are there any weight restrictions for using these trampolines?

Each trampoline model may have its weight restrictions specified by the manufacturer. It is crucial to check these limits and ensure they are not exceeded to maintain user safety.

Is a trampoline with a net safer?

Absolutely! Adding a safety net to your trampoline will definitely make it safer for everyone who jumps on it. This is especially important for above-ground trampolines, as the net can greatly decrease the chances of falling and getting hurt. So, if you want to ensure a fun and safe bouncing experience, don’t skip on the safety net!

Get Active and Have Fun: In Net vs Out Net Trampolines

After reviewing the pros and cons of both an in-net and an out-net trampoline, it’s clear that each option has its own advantages. With the in-net trampoline, you get a more enclosed space for added security, while the out-net trampoline gives you a larger play area and more room to move.

Ultimately, choosing the right type of trampoline comes down to your individual needs – consider where you’ll be using it, how much space you have available, and what safety features are most important to you. No matter which type of trampoline you go with, we know that everyone will have a great time bouncing around. Remember to always follow proper safety precautions and enjoy!





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