How Much is a Trampoline

How Much is a Trampoline, How Much does a Trampoline Cost, How Much do Trampolines Cost?

You may have some common questions in your mind such as “how much does a trampoline cost?”, “how much do trampolines cost?”, “how much is a trampoline?” When these questions come in your mind, it must be that you plan to buy one for your kids or for your family. Kids, teenagers, and even adults can play on a trampoline. However, each type of trampoline has different capacity. Hence, some can fit kids (read more about kids trampoline) but cannot fit adults while others can fit both.

It is obvious that outdoor activities are very good for health. Kids or even you (adults) love to enjoy these outdoor activities. It is fun, of course, and good for health improvement. Your kids will have a chance to learn lots of new skills, especially physical skills, even they can leave video games (which are not good for their physical development).

How Much is a Trampoline

For you as parents, you can have more time with your kids when playing with them on the best trampoline.

Some trampoline buyers may be surprised to find that some trampolines have expensive price. Remember that you will get what you pay for. It is the same for the trampolines. Buying cheap trampolines cannot guarantee anything about quality.

Buying a trampoline is a serious investment that you should think carefully. There are a number of factors that can determine the overall cost of a trampoline. These factors are presented below. Make sure you read all elements before making your final decision.

Common price of a trampoline that you can find from $200 to $1000+. In addition, some additional accessories can cost from $10 to $80. Remember that sellers/manufacturers may not include all accessories in the package.

Important Factors to Determine How Much a Trampoline can Cost?

1. Size and Style:

It is obvious that the price of a trampoline can depend on the style and size. The trampoline with small size will have cheaper price than the one with big size and vice versa. In other words, it goes without saying, but smaller trampolines will cost less.

The style also decides the price of a trampoline. A trampoline with a net is more expensive than the one without a net.

In addition, the shape will also decide the price. Usually, the round trampoline costs less than the rectangular one. The round trampolines are common ones while the rectangular ones are specially designed for the gymnast. People are likely to purchase round trampolines since they are considered as the recreational trampolines.

There are some lesser known shapes such as square trampolines and octagon ones.

2. Accessories:

Another factor to consider is the accessories. Of course, additional stuff will cost extra fee. Some trampoline brands may include accessories without asking for additional cost. However, other brands may charge extra cost.

Remember that a safety enclosure net may not be included as part of the trampoline. Hence, you have to spend additional fee to purchase.

Some common accessories that may be included in package without extra cost when you buy a trampoline from some popular brands: Ladder, cover, spring cover, surrounding mat, basketball hoop, ball, stakes, and more…

You should not expect that all of these parts are included in package when purchasing a trampoline. Make sure that you read the packaging details to see what parts will be included.

3. Safety:

One of the most important factors that you should pay attention to is the safety. When buying a trampoline, you should consider this factor as the first priority. Most of backyard trampolines come with a safety enclosure net. In addition, safety will always be a top concern that every buyer thinks about.

Remember that some cheap trampolines usually don’t include a safety net. It is because the safety net is not cheap at all. Hence, you have to spend extra money buying one.

Note: Some cheap trampolines even include with a safety net in package may not come from trusted brands. You should check carefully before buying.

Last but not least, the weight limit should not be underlooked. This factor is also considered as the trampoline safety. Hence, the trampoline weight limits impact the overall price of a trampoline.

4. Materials:

Materials are also very important to add to the level of safety. Hence, it surely impacts the overall price of a trampoline. Most trampolines are made of EPE foam, PE Cloth, steel, Powder-coated steel, polypropylene mat, polyethylene net, PVC frame pad, etc…

Before buying, make sure you check the materials. Trampolines which are made of quality materials will offer good level of safety.

5. Warranty:

Some popular brands may include their warranty period to guarantee the quality of trampolines that they are selling. It can from 1+ year limited warranty to 2 or 3+ while other brands don’t. In case, if you find those brands offer warranty, you can be sure that their products are good and quality. However, it doesn’t mean that a trampoline which doesn’t come with warranty period is not quality.

Of course, popular brands come with a good number of warranty period, and their price is not cheap. However, we cannot blame because for some products like trampolines may have high price for their high level of quality.


Purchasing a trampoline can be a big decision for lots of people. Before making your final decision, make sure to read analysis, reviews, tips, and guides. Hence, you can make the right decision to purchase the right model that meets your needs.

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